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Ads for Victoria secret are now on my dash along with a lot of other crap!!

No LIKE, not a bit..

Things they should be getting ad space for..

New fall TV shows that we all watch, how could we not have ads for that, looking at you Network & Cable TV (netflixs included). Only show I have ever seen an ad for is Lee Pace’s new show.

GEEKY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

DVD’s, Video Games, Music, food.. NO not a one!

I get ads for clothes and beauty products.. YEP, they think that’s really going to get us to buy their crap.




beautiful things are happening

I learned today that Obama is only the fourth acting president to visit a Native American reservation…..

That’s called leadership

What part of Dr. Lecters basement do you never want to find yourself in?


The Ball Pit.



Deadline Gallipoli

That suit, a watch chain.. The STASH!!

And it’s a war/military movie…

Douglas Adams in the 42nd episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


Spooky bat! By ilanahopeart.

no! im trying to look heroic and cool!!


no! im trying to look heroic and cool!!